The Caste System, a.k.a, the Big Fat Obstacle to Success. Election 2019!

I just want to ask everyone, a simple question. Should a person be biased on the basis of caste? Is caste the only thing which defines who we are and can be extended to define that leap of success in our lives?

This traditional society demarcating a rigid hierarchy is still in effect in many parts of our country.

Unfortunately, it has become a person’s status symbol these days. Everything prejudiced on the basis of caste system has just left us creating a sense of subdivisions in our own mind. According to a survey, 250 million Dalits are there in the world and India alone has almost three-quarters of these groups which in itself is about 4% of the world’s population. The pill of life which ails our planet is aware of one thing: that all are human beings and equal, and yes, even their minds are corrupted by this unfair force of society. Nature has considered all as one. Never has dissected us on the basis of the caste system. Every person has his own hidden qualities, capacities, strengths and this ‘psychological’ caste barrier which is set forth every now and then, which paves the way for unending hurdles, posing all along the way of even a deserving person.

The Vedas categorized us onto 4 bases of classes but does that mean that a person belonging to a lower caste can’t do things which other castes could? There are numerous people around the globe who still have this one stereotypical statement escaping their lips – “Which caste do you belong to?” The Indian Caste system roots have been sown so deep that even Non-Indians have an interest in it.

Even the recent achievements by the badminton star of Indian soil, ‘P V Sindhu’ has been subjected to this disgrace too. Such tormenting stuff slaps all of us down to what we are finally- a mere flippant.

This term interestingly was coined by Portuguese and Spaniards as casta– meaning different races, lineage or breed. It was used by the Spanish who ruled over the conquered territories. It parted the colonized people on the basis of birth, color, and race. Even more interestingly the fact is, It was later on used by Portuguese after stepping their foot aboard the Indian homeland.

Many great historic people who broke free from these barriers, stand out of this criticism and have managed to steer themselves out of this hierarchy. There have been saints from lower castes such as Ravidas, who not only earned the great respect of people, never regarded himself as a saint from a lower caste but instead earned respect as a Brahmin saint. Well, all this made us vulnerable to the foreign invasions. Britishers who played a refined “divide and rule” policy, and just their overall criteria prevented people from uniting and resisting the foreign invasion.

Nowadays a widely popular term, “Reservation”, which actually was an initiative to help out the needy and deserving ones surely has created a significant change in the economy by reserving seats of backward or lower caste in offices, schools etc. but whether this all results out to be positive or negative is well, still, ambiguous, to say the least. Even all these advantages were provided to just sort out one clear thing “Equality amongst all”.

No place in the world today is free from such biasing whether it’s about the Blacks, Muslims, or the Jews. This cruelty has been prevalent since time immemorial and has often secretly popped up, in one form or the other. Either it has been witnessed at large as the whole of Islam has been looked down upon by the world just because of some radicalised terrorists or historically, for example, racial discrimination against the blacks.

It is high time that such indifferences should be stopped and instead, India should look forward to forming a new identity to realise its true potential in all aspects of its uniquely diverse nature, and must banish this issue completely from its very core, and mark a stamp on the face of the earth as there are things yet to be discovered.

It’s always been said that “Change starts from you”. Well, I initiated my process long ago, to neglect this heavily stereotyped system. You can be the change and the people around you, will definitely change, for the better.

Be the one who can bring about a stellar change in the society, and yes, do not wait for any external forces to bring a change in our society.

It’s our country and we should better be able to shape it, on our own. Hope you join it too after a well-thought out decision of yours!

-Rakshit Nigam