Dear Stan

Dear Stan,

Today, as I hear of your demise, my mind splurts out all the memories linked to your characters. Avengers Assemble!

I was a mere thirteen year old when I left home and everything familiar behind. Naturally, my adolescent heart was heavy with emotions like nostalgia, anger, confusion and above all, loneliness. Every person needs a place void of pretense, where they can cry without the fear of being heard, shed tears without being judged. Your comics took me to that place. In Marvel, I was no longer an insignificant victim, but the hero of my own tragic tale.

You made me believe that I was not the only one carrying a gigantic mountain of pain on my shoulders. You made me believe that in a lonely world, I was not alone in my struggle. And through your comics & movies, a heroic fighter was born.

So thank you, Stan Lee, for helping me through the toughest period of my life yet. I will always and always remember all the sadness and frustration but will be Iron Man, the mechanic fighting my life wars like a hero!

– Words360


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