Discovery of Travel

The land was light,
And the water blue,
When there was a God,
Who ruled with might.
And his heart was true.

Bright was a night,
And a calm breeze blew,
Great was his nod,
As he walked in the light,
On the grass with the dew.

He was uneasy, for his home was bright,
And moments of solitude, he only had a few.
He seeked adventure, worthy of a God,
Stumble upon one, he thought he might,
As his need for thrill grew.

Then he fell across a sight,
Shaded in the grey hue,
Lying in the sea, was a turtle’s pod.
Giant was its size, and it sparkled bright,
The God had a smile, for he saw something new.

“That’s it! I decide.”
“Going around for things those are new.”
He created wanderlust, for he was a God.
Mighty was his cry, filled with delight,
This was something new, as delicious as the stew.

And so was travelling born, when the God decided to wander around and please himself with an assortment of sceneries formed of nature’s beauty. And he is still roaming around, because travelling is something of which you’ll never get bored.

-Gyan Akarsh