Laziness (and Winter).

The title is still a better love story than Twilight isn’t it?

Well, I am a part of the populace who still believes in cuddling in a blanket over really, rushing out and taking ‘advantage’ of the winter by jogging outside to heat themselves up.

Um, really, I prefer my room heater to heat me up and conserve my calories. I’m sure a lot of you people would agree too. Again, Mumbai folks would argue, but heck, even I’d prefer to jog outside, when the temperature is 32 degrees rather than 10. 😊

Well, it would be interesting to look at the different types of people during Winter mornings.

First up, people like my mom, who wake up at 6 am, or 7 am at max, and that is, during the weekends.

Yup, this, when the temperatures dip into single digits. Now this is some sort of vague science beyond my reach. Kudos to those ladies and gentlemen who use the Force to help them get up at this hour of the day.

I mentioned the Force because I really can’t think of any other reason.

And then there are some who complete darn video calls in the morning right after getting up, to chat with some friend or relative who stays in a different time zone. Wow.

At least when I wake up on a winter morning (rare as that is), thanks to the amazing phenomenon of static electricity, I look like a cross between a porcupine and a stuffed up polar bear. The former is a look I successfully carry off for the rest of the day, but that ain’t the question here.


The third category is made up of my amigos who manage to wake up early to go out, and let out some steam playing outdoor sports or rather, go to the gym. Granted, I was a part of this category some years back, but for those who do this during the winter vacations probably deserve… something, though I really don’t know what else these hormonally sound freaks would really need from life.

And then, welcome to the fourth category. The not-so-surreptitiously lazy, sane (because we wake up when Winter wants us to!) and talented individuals who say hi to the world at around 11 AM in the morning. Ones who realise that they’re saving the resources of the world by directly sitting for supper. Yes, we care.

So, judging from the totally unbiased views of your author, there is only one winner.

Winters are enjoyed, and indeed in the right way, that is, by cuddling up, in a comfy, warm blanket.

P.S. Sorry, oh sloth, but then, you be my ‘idolo’.

– Anirudh Bhagavatula