For the Books !

Sensitive touch , smile on the face , wonder in the eyes and hope in the heart.. That’s how a bookaholic opens a book!

It’s weird how we get attached to one book and hug it like a lover, dreaming all about it when we sleep. We have always loved them, treated them as our best friend, spent time losing ourselves in them. They hardly spoke but to us they sang like the nightingale with its undoubtedly best story, opening her wings and slowly slipping us in.

We cared for them like a mother on her first child , like the florist with her flowers, like a programmer with their code.

It’s really amazing how technology had grown so much that it captures the finite book pages with a scanner and gives us the copy with a touch on the screen.

But, does that really give us the feel we own while tripping our hands on the pages, gliding over the lines, checking out and chuckling on the little stains of food droppings when we licked the fingers just to turn the page and laugh at the inaudible stares when we ignored people around just to let the imagination run without a break.. and ofcourse because of curiosity on what may happen next ? We have all been there and it is an experience that can never be forgotten.

Guess, it’s time we all stopped a bit of sophistication for a little re-creation. Just give it a thought folks! Nothing can replace an original, I repeat never!

Write it. Submit it. Share it.

– Pranavi Sai