Dear Grandfather

Life got harder
since you went away.
All saying,
everything will someday be okay!
There’s no one,
who’d to take your place,
I loved your old wrinkly
but smiling face.
There was experience,
in that mind of yours.
It gifted love,
our happiness’ source.
There was shine in,
those eyes of yours.
The most beautiful natures’ force!
You left with us
the remains of you,
Your manners, love
and memories blue.
The grey haired man,
proud and wise,
Always so kind, always so nice.
You taught us all the good and bad,
You satisfied us with all you had.
We owe you for what we are today,
We love you more than
we’ll ever be able to convey!
You scolded me alot, though rather,
Lucky are those
who have their GRANDFATHER 🙂

– Muskaan Madaan