Take me to the road where the morning sun shines the least.
For the darkness is where I seek to live.
Take me to the house where there’s no life.
For I have been wandering around the corners too long to thrive.
Do you feel the same way as me today?
Days where I try to convince your conscience about my existence.
For I have been looking at you trying to find my own self.
And all I can find is you not wanting me back.
Am I doing enough to please you the same way it did.
So many questions and all you do is ignore me.
You need to let go of the idea of a perfect future.
Because there’s nothing as perfect as you and me.
So stop.
Put a full stop to the societal dreams and tinted happiness.
You’re never too old enough to start afresh again.
You don’t need the blessings of people who don’t care.
You are doing enough for yourself.
So give me hope, make me stay.
Promise me, it’ll get better someday.

– Parveen Sultana