Halloween and the Ghosts of Hogwarts

“It’s good to have a girls’ night out occasionally.” Helena Ravenclaw murmured to her companion as they glided over the top of the forbidden forest. “Hmm… It wouldn’t be exactly a girls’ night, would it be? I mean, we being dead and all.” Moaning Myrtle giggled while plucking out imaginary flowers from her floating hair. Helena sighed, letting herself float away to the lake’s shore. Myrtle was so childlike that some times, it was hard to imagine her dead.

“It seems I haven’t been invited to this party!” Myrtle sank several feet into the ground as Sir Nicholas startled her. He laughed merrily as she let herself out, blushing silver. Helena glided near the duo and hugged Sir Nick in greeting. “How are the preparations going at the castle?” She asked him as they all glided towards a boulder near the lake. Myrtle was back to her usual self and she cackled merrily. “Oh, how else? The Fat Friar again got into a confrontation with Gawp. He still wants to make him join the celebration dressed as a veela. It is the first Halloween in a long while when the ghosts have been given a day off.” Sir Nick let out a hearty laugh which nearly flopped his head off. “I don’t think that the new keeper of the keys will fit well into the role of a veela that much.” He said as they settled atop the boulder.

“You’re late.” Myrtle said as the Bloody Baron arrived at their meeting with the Friar. “Greetings people. Come join us.” Helena told them as they both settled down with the group. “Let this evening be a reminder of friendship, hope and future.” The Baron murmured as Myrtle picked up a bottle from the ground. “OK People!” She announced in her usual over exclamatory way. “Who is up for Truth and Dare?”

Unknown to all of them, they were being watched by an old friend hovering over them who’d been listening to their conversation from his Firebolt. “Ghosts and Truth & Dare… This is Halloween after all…” Harry said as he zoomed off to let his friends enjoy.

– Anonymous