Surging of two souls together

With my eyes closed, lips pursed,
Hands low and body immersed,
I lay still on bed,
Repenting of the pieces,
I gave of me,
In place that never contoured.

Once I let go of all the bitterness,
I secretly had stored in the
gashes that decorate my heart,
I met you!
And once for all,
everything was calm again,
Shifting through the ashes,
And searching for spark,
Wasn’t left easy anymore.

Then I believed in,
Surging of two souls together,
Is what fated!

I walked into the journey of love with you,
To live the dream once,
dormant and so dark,
That one thought of you to,
set my heart on fire!

And I’d choose you,
In a hundred lifetimes,
In a hundred worlds,
Just as the ocean chose the shore,
In any version of reality,
I will always choose you.