Never enough love

Come let’s travel far away
Leave your spirit to sway,
In the wild winds of the west
And spend some time with the best
Memories cherishable made,
To those places farewell we bade,

But a promise we left
Off our feet we were swept
How much we crave it
Only now do I realize
Host of things happen everyday
So well we brave it
Only now do I realize

I’d gladly narrate my tales
My victories and my fails
If only you’d listen
In the moonlight our bond will glisten
Nothing is holding you down
Leave before that smile turns to a frown
For, I’d hate to make you do
Anything that doesn’t make you, you

I promise it won’t hurt me
Your glee is the key
To pacify my heart
I wish never to be tart
For there is too much hate already
Distancing lovers steady
And I dream of the white dove
For there is never enough love

Sukriti Tiwari