The thunders talked to him!

Zeus came to rescue,
when his heart felt blue,
and tears blurred his vision.
Rain was the perfect cover,
for excruciating pain,
dripping out his eyes.
The cosy breeze hugged him,
as he sat there,
gazing at nothing.
The thunders talked to him,
told him to calm down.
It’s life and breakdowns,
are bound to happen,
the sky roared!
Lightning struck,
and showed him how,
fast a moment goes by,
and how it never comes back.
Was it only him all broken?
Trying to deal with this agony.
He never had felt so fragile.
So lost ever.
The rainbow in the end,
made him smile though,
he got up and walked towards,
a new beginning never,
to be found again.
It was a dark day,
a life lost in the name of love. Zeus failed.

– Shivendra Saxena