DEMONETISATION was a bold step. No doubt.
Here we bring you a few points for it and also a few against it.

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> Demonetisation makes counterfeiting of notes made tougher.
> Cash Black money hoarders suffer huge losses.
> Naxalites suffer since base source of income is cash unaccounted for.
> Huge surrender of black money.
> Great praise from international media
> IMF backs the move
> Moving towards a cashless society is the best way forward.
> People beginning to open bank accounts.
> Plastic cash allows there to be a valid log of every transaction.
> Knowing that the government has the guts to do this, people will think twice before
hoarding again.


> Despite of all developments, the majority of population in India still do not uses Credit/Debit or ATM cards for fulfilling their requirements. So, soon after the declaration of Demonetisation on 8th of November, the normal lifestyle of people got badly disturbed.

> Utmost affected were the people who went out on a trip to some place. There the charges incurred on transportation, hotel bill, purchase and the like could not be met immediately and hence everything came to a halt.

> People placed a very hard time in medical treatment & other medical-related issues. For instance, in some cases their consultancy with the doctor was refused due to lack of money to pay the fees. In general, hospitals refused to accept the old currency and people had no other options left to make the payment. So, planned medical treatments stopped & in certain cases, the hospitals even refused to return back the dead bodies to their relatives on account of payment issues. This resulted in great dissatisfaction & revolt in the minds of the people.

> Demonetisation was declared in the month of November; when on an estimate lakhs of marriages were fixed in the country. So, due to demonetisation and other restrictions, many families had to face a very hard time.

> All on a sudden, business and markets such as automobiles, gold & diamond jewelleries, textiles and several other big industries  went down due to lack of demands.
Major construction works ceased immediately. Contractors had no arrangements to pay the weekly wages to their labourers. Ultimately, contractors, suppliers, transporters, labourers and the entire working force suffered a lot.

> At many places, the poor and weak people were forced to deposit others’ (aristocrats) black money into their own bank accounts. Even the BPL class people faced the same problem. So now the accounts which were opened by the government for the BPL-class people could now be easily utilized by these aristocrats to easily conceal their black money from the government.

> Even on Saturdays and Sundays, the bank employee had to work for extra hours to meet the current requirements of the people such as cash deposit or exchange. For the people who were illiterate or unaware of filling forms & other ongoing processes of the bank; these employees had to help them out in achieving their requirements.  So, the bank employees had a very tough time dealing with their clients.

> ATM’s ran out of cash within no times even after getting filled thrice daily. So, people had to wait in a long queue for their turns to come and sometimes before getting their turns, many people had to return empty-handed since the cash in the ATM was all out
> Since only Rs. 2000 was introduced INITIALLY  and we didn’t had Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000; smaller -priced article purchase became a big challenge for the shopkeepers too since they didn’t had the change for that.

> This step may also have an adverse effect on law & order. For instance- anti-national elements like terrorists & naxalites will try making their black money white by threatening these innocent people. They might also target big shops, ATM Machines and even banks to steal money.

> Earlier, Rs. 1000 was the highest denomination of currency. But this new Rs. 2000 currency will probably make a new way to collect new stock of black money.

The team to jot down the for points and represent the people who are with demonetisation:
Abhijit K Menon
Divyam Gandhi and Pranavi Sai

The team to jot down the against points and represent people who are against demonetiasation:
Tanisha Gupta
Bhargavi Ravi, Parveen Sultana and Shubham Garg

The above views are not their individual view, they were assigned a task and this is the result that came out. Their individual views may differ from the side they represented.

Words360’s view:

As you can see in the debate above, people against demonetisation need long explanations and most of them are about suffering.
Are we so fragile ?
We rant about the government not doing anything to diminish corruption and when a bold decision is made we start ranting again of how f**ked up our lives got after it was implemented.
Oh common! Let’s not be kids and take a few bullets to save this country. I know implementation of it was sudden, but wasn’t that need of the hour? You wanna give time to people who have money stashed up in their ceilings to get away?
Be positive. Trust the leader you chose, he turned Gujarat into something unimaginable. There are theories of UP elections coming soon and thus it was done and then the government will have the RS, which is complete power. There will be no stopping of Hitler(as the ranting guys call him) after then.
Oh common! UP is full of middle class and lower middle class people, you think the government wanna trouble those guys just before the assembly elections?
You think government want marriages to halt, people to stand in queue, create problems all over country when they can just go with the flow and wait for the next election campaign as every party is this country operates?
With every bold decision come a few sacrifices. And they are heart wrenching.
The first step towards eradication of corruption and terrorism was taken on 8th Nov.
Let’s all take it with our government and make it 120cr steps.