A new beginning

Here I am,
Sitting on a chair,
Glancing through the air,
Thinking about the life so far,
Older I’m now, out of a bar.

It’s been a great life,
Ups or downs, though tackled like a naive.
Friends came and went,
Some stayed, some were for a moment.

But now I’m, in a mint world,
Leaving the old one all behind,
Family or friends far a field.
It’s a fresh beginning,
The nervousness is damn sickening.

I’ll have to gather some might,
And move forth without any fright.
There are gonna be moments of darkness,
But in the end is the awaiting light.

There are gonna be loads of challenges,
Some easy, Some impossible,
I’ll have to workout hard,
Through all of them,
And stand tall like a stem.

There are gonna be betrayals,
People are gonna stab at the back.
I’ll commit mistakes,
It’ll be rollercoaster ride
I have to sit tight, and savouring every bite!

There are gonna be moments of sorrow,
Moments, I’ll feel lonely,
Moments, I’ll miss family.
But I’ll have to overcome it all,
Throw these feelings far like a ball.

Goals are big. And success far away,
But If I bleed I’ll get there one day.

No matter what’s the past,
No matter what’s the future,
I’ll Work in present.
To have an awesome life to nurture.

Shivendra Saxena.