Manipulating gullible and uninformed voters

The political scenario of India boasts of all shapes, sizes, ages and calibres of leaders ranging from the very desi Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav to the uberly sophisticated Mr. Shashi Tharoor.

While this colossal mess has evolved over centuries of ups and downs in not just the country’s economy and social diversity but also the dynamic shift of power between the various strata of the society, the one thing that remains constant is the use of dirty practices to get your way with stuff; the most recent incident being the Indian National Congress accusing the Bharatiya Janata Party of tampering with the Electronic Voting Machines used in the Gujarat Assembly Polls. While EVMs have long been used due to the convenience factor, their vulnerability is evident and so appropriate measures are also taken for ensuring they are safe from tampering. While the BJP counter attacked by dismissing the accusation as a bitter Congress throwing tantrums after losing the vote, we got something else to think about.

News of parties ‘buying’ votes, manipulating gullible and uninformed voters to secure their vote, bribing officials and a whole lot of other sordid practices have always been common. But these are only the ones that are uncovered. What about those which go undetected? We might not even be capable of imagining how adept these so called ‘public servants’ may be in skirting the law. Or maybe this is all part and parcel of ‘politics’.

Most of us read about this in the daily newspaper every other morning, condescendingly shake our heads at the pathetic lack of conscience in our leaders and go about our routine. A select few, determined to ‘bring about a change’, might even make honest efforts. But the fact remains that ‘one must get down in the muck in order to clean it’. You can’t pull the strings from afar. You’ll very much  have to be part of this corrupt system, face these sly men, get your hands dirtied and make heartless choices.

What comes of these efforts depends solely on what motivates you – money, power or love for your motherland.

– Sukriti Tiwari

One thought on “Manipulating gullible and uninformed voters

  1. Very True. Young generation should join politics to give some fresh Ideas. Very well written article. Well done.


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