Everything’s momentary (Chap 4)

Tring Tring… Tring Tring..
Hey dad, mom just told you wanted me to call.
Yeah, I have left a few documents on my desk. Sign them and get it signed by our manager. Ask him to file those and send them to Mr. Gupta. Also as you’re visiting the factory, look around and check everything is in order or not, inform me by evening.
Ok dad, but where are you?
I’m busy with some other work. Bye.
Hey. I need to leave for factory, will drop you to your place on the way.
Ok said Jay, let’s also munch some burgers, kinda hungry.

While standing in line to place order in Mc. Donald; Sameer spotted the girl again. There she was alone, waiting for her order to arrive.
His eyes got stuck and he lost any sense of the present moment. He didn’t realize that he was staring, awestrucked.
Hey Sam, boy who’s she? Jay enquired.
Well that’s her, the girl I was talking about the other night. I guess she is headed somewhere.
Ohh, the louuuve of your life. Haha. Go get me some burgers and then we’ll think about how to approach.
They sat down on the table opposite to hers and Sam had a perfect view. He wasn’t interested in food anymore. His eyes were treating on the amazing beauty sitting right in front of him. He was lost, when she looked at him and gave a rather shocked look. He came back to the moment and asked Jay. have you ever seen her? Is she from our school?
Boy, nope. This is the first time I’m looking at someone so gorgeous. Hey! shouts Sam. You better mind your words pal.
Sorry man. My bad. So how are you planning the move? Gonna go there and say hi?
I don’t know. Won’t it be weird? Nah. Common! You are SAMEER BAKSHI. Half the city knows you. Man UP.
Ok. In a while. And this time when he looked up to see her, their eyes met. She smiled, he smiled and the eye contact was a lil too long to not get up and move to exchange a few words.
Hii, I’m Sameer. A Ryanite.
Hi, my names Maira. Same school.
You look damn beautiful. How did my eyes miss you?
Haha. Thanks. Well I don’t know but I know you. The famous anchor, you got some talent.
Hahaha. Thats my friend right there, Jay. Wanna join us at our table?
Next time, I’m waiting for my pick up, heading straight home then. Moms waiting.
Ok. Text me when you reach!
Smooth, but I don’t think we are close enough to give you my number yet. See you in school tomorrow.
Sam scratching his head, let’s meet tomorrow in the canteen? Lunch is on me!
Ok. But I don’t let people buy my food. Only the dear ones are allowed. So we’ll split.
Your wish ma’am. See you tomorrow. Have a nice day.
You too. She picked up her order and walked off.
Hey; What’s her name. Tell me all, said Jay.
Let’s leave soon, I’ll feed you in while driving. Her voice though man. It’s so sweet.
Yeah yeah. Now eat your burgers and let’s leave or your Dad’s gonna get furious and reprimand me for getting you late like last time!

Sam dropped Jay at his place and drove fast to the factory. After finishing all the work assigned to him he called his dad.
Hello dad, works done and factory is running fine too. Anything else?
No. You good?
Yes. Awesome as always. What about you?
Hectic day, will get back home soon. Tell your mom to keep dinner ready when you get back.
Ok dad, bye.

At home, he searched for Maira on facebook, Insta also googled her. But failed in finding her.
He was amused that she isn’t on the web.
After dinner with family and binge watching a few episodes of his favorite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, he lied down to sleep when he saw a notification on his phone.

“Maira Khan sent a request to follow you”

He was taken aback but so happy! He accepted it and sent one back waiting to stalk her all night.
Haha, our guy is creepy sometimes.

This was the beginning of storm, the storm that took away Jays life…

– Shiv97

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