The Report You Will Never Get from the Desi Comic Con.

15th December 2017, New Delhi: So, the Comic Con ‘17 started today in Delhi, and was, as the reporter expected, one hell of an extravaganza.

But then, there are some people who probably thought that this might be an exhibition where there would be giant-wheels, merry-go-rounds and a Santa Claus thrown in for good measure, ‘cuz Christmas.
Well, hate to break the bubble, no.
This isn’t the neighbourhood Bal-Mela or something, sire.

And yes, it is impossible to set an age limit over here, because comic lovers exist across all generations, and well, it is a little amazing really how ignorant people are about this stuff.

Well, Comic-Con is all about cosplay, wherein people dress up in their fav avatars of their superheroes or other fictitious characters in order to charm the others and ultimately, to stand a chance of winning here. Basically, celebrating pop-culture.
But well, yahaan toh scene hi desi hai (the scene here is amazingly Indian.)
First of all, when the reporter entered, the people were, well, not cosplaying mostly?
There were hardly any cosplayers, but the few who were there were brilliantly cosplaying.

And then, there were the stalls, which had an incredible choice of pop culture stuff to choose from.
But then, here goes the conversation between an uncle and a salesperson at one of the stalls:
“Bhaiya, show me that Iron Man’s figurine. Looks cool.”
“Hanji, sure. It’s a limited-edition figurine.”
“Okay, how much does it cost? Nice, solid build.”
“Yes sir, it’s got the exact same features as Tony Stark’s suit from the same movie. It costs 4000 rupees.”
“Chal betu, capitalist thieves here.”

Oops. Wrong place sir. Indian mentality goals, by the way.
We still have a long way to go then, in terms of understanding Pop Culture, and of course, why they are priced so.

-Anirudh Bhagavatula

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