Thank You INDIA

In the southern hemisphere of the earth, beneath the equator, far away east, there is a magical land surrounded by water on three sides. It has mountains and plains, plateaus and forests, deserts and rivers. In today’s modern times, this land is called India.

Every day we Indians crib about the problems we face in our country. But today, on the occasion of our 71st Independence Day, let us celebrate India, its beauty and uniqueness.

What is India? Where does its spirit come from? It comes from its people. Without them, India would just be a piece of land. It is the people, the institutions built by them and the culture preserved by them that make India great.

Let us thank the Indian Army for keeping us and our dreams alive and safe. Let us thank the Indian Air Force for protecting our skies. Let us thank the Indian Navy for securing our seas. Let us thank CRPF, BSF and the police for the constant safety they provide for us.

Thank you India, for giving us peace, while countries in the Gulf tear each other apart.

Thank you India, for ensuring our secularism, while giants like the US banish Muslims from their soil.

Intolerance has become a common term today.  But given the chance, would the so called ‘victims’ shift to Muslim nations like Pakistan or to predominantly Hindu nations like Nepal? No, they most certainly would not.

Let us not forget that our land is the home of many of the world’s greatest leaders. Ours is the land of Gautum Buddha, the land of Chanakya, the land of Mahatma Gandhi.

Above all, thank you India for giving us freedom and justice. Thank you for giving us the world’s largest democracy.

In the end, if you try to think of a country that is democratic and secular, rising in all spheres of development, from science to spirituality, a country well endowed with natural beauty and resources, a country bubbling with talent and potential, there is no other nation like ours. Not China, not America, not Britain, but India.

After all, the phrase -‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha, Hindustan Humara’ is still very much true.

-Pragya Arora


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