Tricoloured veins

As the day approaches,

And the tricolour soar high in sky.

The spirit of freedom clutches,

The soul gets pumped up with joy.

When the deepest fear crunches,

Which the force of pride nullify.

Then we say our brimming veins,

Are thronged with tricolour ,

Feeling of patriotism they signify.
I wish you share the pride,

Brought  to you at your doorsteps.

I wish you, like a bird freely glide,

Because of freedom kept by your sheds.

Bit, i wish you remember the sacrifice,

Which brought these gifts to your hands.
The country is beautiful and young,

It is ready to shine and reign.

The country is cheerful and rugged,

And its people with unity are ready to stand.

The nation waits to be hugged,

By the people who it upends.

It is the time for energy to be clubbed,

And be the force to hold the strands.
The blood is fresh and full of pride,

The youth might take up many strides.

The diversity maybe alot more wide,

But the unity which lies is huge and unaviged.
The soul is pumped for the epic moment,

The ears are alert for the sound of trumpet

The eyes are staring for a look of pennant,

But the heart is still throbbing with the blood in veins.

Bodies Bleeding tricolour without any cuts, without any pain.
Happy independence day to everyone in advance hope this poem of mine will encourage you all readers to be more patriotic and increase your respect for motherland.

By- Ayush Saxena

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