The Story Of Seperatism

Well so here’s the story,
So there was this one boy who studied in this large school. The school not only had a huge campus but also had an exceptionally high number of students studying there.
Like any normal school there were students of an amazing diversity, some were from well to do backgrounds and the others probably not as much but they all managed to do pretty well for themselves.
Now this one boy was slightly different, unlike the other students the boy had a slightly rough background. Constant personal issues kept rising up the poor boy’s life. All of these issues made the teachers at the school take notice of the boy. They realized that this boy definitely needed some help to move forward and develop so they all took a decision to help the boy out a little.
The boy then started receiving that extra help. There were separate rules that applied to the boy. Sometimes his grades weren’t considered and above all he was also freed from some of the punishments that the other students got.
All of this started playing with the boy’s mind. According to him the only reason he’s being given the special treatment is because he is special. This inner feeling of his own specialty made him feel stronger and over time also made him arrogant. He started to become isolated and honestly didn’t even have much to interact with his peers.
Separatism grows when people feel disconnected from the sources of power.

Now, this story is quite simply the theory of separatism. Separatism grows when people feel disconnected from the sources of power. When such a disconnect occurs the one’s who are disconnected definitely feel a sense of independence and a force telling them to do whatever they want.

Section 370 of the Indian constitution is a law that does exactly that. Giving a special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir has led to numerous problems on various fronts. So much so that the state at one point also requested for autonomous ruling/ splitting from the nation of India. While a lot of the rules stated in the section 370 have been eroded and the power to the state is limited to a minuscule proportion it still exists. The existence of this disproportionate distribution of powers among the states is one of the reasons for the growing separatism in the country.

The problem that exists now is that the state of J&K has gotten used to this special status and removing it all of a sudden is understandably unfair. Although the discretion on the presence or absence of the law is within the hands of the president of India, the whole parliament should take rightful steps towards the complete elimination of Section 370.
–Abhijit Krishna Menon
(Other current examples of growing separatism around the world are – :
ISIS and the Rebels agaisnt Syria

Catalana from Spain)

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