“Scars that never heal are the ones ignored for ages
they don’t speak is the reason we let them rot in the cages,
built by our doubts breeding on the edge of finger tips
that fail to cement plans made for leisure trips.”

Sitting with a bunch of friends sipping on hostel made tea, I was struck by a brilliant thought of exploring the state I had officially been living in for an year. All my mates shouted “Eureka” and gave me the treatment, test corpses of medical students receive and for at least a week the mere thought of moving my limbs gave me severe jitters. Every incident rooted to tragic or saddening instances plunges me into the introspection mode, which has been the sole reason for many silly complications I have created in my constricted world. Nevertheless this time it proved useful and helped me explore the reasons which were holding back students like us from letting our souls to break free and cherish our beauty. The universe has been created in such a manner that it offers every citizen with a minimum of two options, from which one is sure shot to be selected and this choice would script the future that has secrets wound up with our fates. I too had a choice of neglecting or embracing outcomes of the research my conscience had done to resolve the conflict, state exploration was having with my friends’ weekend plans(sleeping & snoring). I finally gathered enough courage to speak amidst the tribe of sleepy beasts against their most beloved achievement in life,sleeping. It took two long and excruciating hours to get the benefits of my dream trip into their callous heads but once it was fed they grew far more hungry for it than a hosteler at 2 AM before the last exam. Every human irrespective of his physical and mental well-being is always vulnerable in a new environment and the same case was going to be with us thinking of loitering around a state seeking for adventure or bluntly confessing, wanting to experience some serious trouble without parental assistance. I guess, adrenaline is the supreme culprit for making us take decisions that have more odds against than in favour of us and this fact alone boosts our notorious hormones. The only person who was suspected to back off was the connecting bond of our entire group and all of us loathed the existence of such unforeseen circumstances, eventually he came to my room with his head soaked in shame, beaming filthy excuses and presented an apology letter which was nothing but a part of the basic code of conduct that set us apart from the untamed humans. I could see my dream shattering into a billion pieces because of a meek friend who had done absolutely nothing to prove the friendship status he was luxuriously living with.


The story does not end here…… 🙂

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