The Tale of a Giant

Once upon a time there lived a Giant in a forest long forsaken by the kinds of mortals. He was known to be the spirit of the forest itself. He had seen a millenium go past and was yet to witness the passing of many others. Wood was his diet as he never left his abode and mysterious was his skin, for it shone and glittered as gold.

One day a hunter visited the forest, searching for the legendary rich forest, and saw the giant sleeping merrily, in his cave atop a mountain. He fed the giant poison, took over the forest and became the new king. Time went by and the hunter had a family. His children grew and the forest came to be known as the richest kingdom in the land.

But the hunters’ seeds never stopped growing. More and more needs arose, and more was taken from the forest. It shrivelled, dried, and finally died in a decade long draught. The heat scorched the earth, and trees shook together. Sparks flew and the humongous vat of wood went ablaze in a fire as brilliant as the sun.

Not a single soul remained alive. A few brave ones dared to venture into the lands of ash to look for any remnants of what used to be there, but none of them return. A few millenia passed away. And yet, a story still goes around now. About a giant that devoured a kingdom and still lies sleeping atop the mountain.


-Gyan Akarsh

One thought on “The Tale of a Giant

  1. Dude, we aren’t eating up the earth. thr are lyk so many efforts going on to preserve our planet. instead of reminding us of what wrong we do u mght wnt to help us make the earth a better place.

    ps I like the writing style. reminds me of the fantasy novels

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