Enlightenment with Two Dragons



Not so long ago, a man woke up from a sleepless slumber, to the buzz of his blood being devoured. His thirst was great, as was his hunger; for he couldn’t remember the last time he put something in him. In a voice like the whisper of death, he moaned and shifted his shriveled limbs so as to suffer a little less pain. His eyes were fogged, and his head messed up for he could see giant metal serpents slithering away on feet that rolled. The Dragon! He recognized the beast from the tales when he saw the smoke belched by one such head of a behemoth.

He sat up a little straighter. Far gone was he from his prime as a hero. Long gone was his sharpness where time moved slow for him. Two such dragons rumbled to a stop on both his sides. Their bellies were torn up, or so he thought when his blurred eyes fell upon a flood of things crawling out from the metal giants’ guts.

The one to his right had more wounds, and things poked out from its inside wherever they could. But the brightness on his left blinded him, such were the ornaments of the huge being lying calm. Large pieces of shiny glass were the beast’s favourite trinkets, for it used them to cover up the holes in its metallic belly.

His eyes then found the things crawling in & out of the mystical snakes and the sheer difference between the innards of the two Dragons amazed him into heaven. From his right, came a flood of sticks dark enough to hide the sun. Their lack of thickness was taken up by their sour, acrid smell. They moved with little creeping motions, as if each of them was Atlas, carrying the weight of sky on their shoulders.

On his left, fluffy white clouds in colourful garbs moved like Lucifer in Pandemonium. Their aroma could have been stolen from the Eden and their giant bellies resembled that of the bloated seeds of Asphodel. The difference was in their gait too. They moved to please themselves, not that they needed to. They owned the place, and the ornamented Dragon was a symbol.

Such was the moment when he achieved enlightenment and a slap woke him up from his lucid mumbling. “Get up asshole. We need to leave.” His eyes took some time coming back into the realm of reality. The Dragons were naught but Trains. On his right was a passenger train, hauling people like freight. On his left was a super-fast, with all AC coaches. He smiled, and mumbled the truth before passing out.

A Dragon’s diet sure does show its wealth.”

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