What you are to me

You are made up of stardust. 

Every time you smile, you leave some of your stardust there;

Sprinkling the sparkling glitter everywhere you go. 
You are the sunshine to my broken edges. 

Every time I embrace you, you make me shine. 

You make my scars look like they’re made of silver. 

You make me feel proud to be wearing them, like they are a jewel. 
I may be your rain, washing your pains away, 

But remember what makes rain special? 

It’s the splashing of puddles, 

Leaving paper boats in them that makes memories.

The rain may come and go and no one will notice. 

It’s the puddles that give rain its existence and identity. 

We remember the rain because of the joy that the puddles give us. 
You are orange. An undiluted richness and brightness. 

So unique, so beautiful that only few people can comprehend you. 

And I am white, giving up all that’s mine, 

Giving you all my love to make you see that colour.

What's your point of view?

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