The Team We Could’ve Cheered On.

With the U-17 football world cup fast approaching, there’s a different buzz in the daily sports talk with people now taking a keen interest in the game and India’s long association with it.

With the huge population India has it’d be common for us to produce some names in the global arena who would’ve led the nation to glory in the most viewed and followed sport in the world. Sadly, we’re yet to witness the type of player I just described above but some Indian origin players continue to make their mark in the high profile domestic club leagues and the International stage for countries other than ours which they could have chosen but due to the lacklustre and clueless AIFF and the Infrastructure prevalent in our nation it was not meant to be.

-Luciano Narsingh and Fjurdel Narsingh both of Indian origin chose to represent the Oranje and are currently plying their trade in the Premier League and the Eredivisie respectively.


-Neil Taylor of Wales shot to fame when he became an integral part in making Wales semi finalists of the Euro 2016 is half Indian by blood and now currently plies his trade for Swansea City in the Premier League.


-The most famous of these all still remains Michael Chopra who went on to represent major clubs like Newcastle United and Sunderland in his career, he is remembered for his spat with the Indian Government and the AIFF which prevented him from donning the Indian blue shirt and hence had to settle to never represent any national team in his quite impressive career.


With this I’d like to end on the one hope that the ISL and I-League merger proposed by the AIFF coupled with the U-17 WC helps us realise our potential and transforms us into football giants. 🙂

– Bhaawan Mathur

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