Everything’s momentary (Chap 3)

Good morning stinky pants, Sam passed a coffee mug to Jay. Feeling good now?
Fuckkk! This headache. I’m so sorry, I kinda ruined yesterday.
That’s okay, I’m use to it now! Sam said with a smirk.

It was Sunday afternoon, nothing much to do. Sam was a fan of cricket and afternoons like these were filled by watching cricket highlights on the TV. He loved the game and was quite good at it himself. When asked why are you so obsessed about cricket, he once answered, cricket is a game of uncertainty and so is life, it teaches me a very important thing about it; Always let your conscience be your guide. This was the answer he gave 2 years from now to the girl he saw last night around the club.

SAMMM!!!! Is your friend up?? You guys coming down for lunch!?
Yes Maa, just a min. They rushed down to the dining room, were hungry AF. They literally gobbled the food. Her mother seemed a little curious and asked; Weren’t you at a party last night? Was it a party without food? To this Sam gave a look to Jay. Jay replied; Sorry mam, it’s my fault. Actually I got sick last night and we left the place early to go see a doctor. And then slept off when we returned as we were exhausted.
Oh okay, eat and then I have kheer made up for you guys. Sam your dad wanted to talk to you, call him up as soon as you can. Okay Maa, do you know why? Sam questioned.
I don’t know. Call him. I’m leaving, gotta go buy some groceries. There’s kheer in the fridge. Bye.. His mom left with the purse jingling keys in her hand.

Hey Jay, remember that girl I asked you about last night? Sam haven’t been able to take her out of his system. This was new to him, he never had problem with deleting stuff out his brain. You may call him a robot but yeah, that’s how he dealt with life daily. Things he felt useless or were negative use to be out of his mind before he went to bed. He said, this always kept him at peace. To be honest, he was always at peace but yet somehow on fire!
Ohh man, common! You seriously think I gave a damn and saw her? Show me next time you see her. She pretty? Jay replied.
I won’t deny that but I’d say she is more then just pretty. She kinda has a vibe that’s alluring. Those eyes of hers are so perfect and when she smiles, little dots emerge both sides of her lips, not dimples, just cute dots. She is…
Hey boy, you in louuuuvvveee… how many times have you seen her?
Two, I guess, Sam replied!
Two times and you are already in louvve?? What’s wrong with you??
No, I’m not! She just seemed different, unique. Never saw a girl like her before.
Okay bro. First thing to do tomorrow is find this girl for you. Done! Up top, Jay said.
They high-fived to this and went back to room with a bowl of kheer each to see the highlights of some random match. Sam dialing his dads no. while walking up…

Not aware of the future, not aware of the destruction they have just put in action themselves. I so wish this high five wouldn’t have ever taken place. I so wish Jay was alive.

– Shiv97

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