Everything’s Momentary (Chap 2)

He was living his dream when…. he walked into a pole! xD
Turned around too see if anyone had noticed this foolish thing and there she was, parking her cycle, smiling! He smiled back and then walked off. Was getting late for his gig. That was the first time they saw each other. We’ll get to her a little later in this story. So yeah, the gig went awesome and he was returning back home, earphone plugged in and his eyes gazing the city lights as the bus rode past signals. His mind was always in search of something that made him feel alive, it was always active. Looking outside the window, he loved the way dogs played on sidewalks, the way humans walked around talking to each other, the way cool breeze was kissing his skin, the way shopkeepers were busy haggling through life and almost everything around. He had the zeal to learn from things he saw, his jokes and witty lines on stage were a perfect example of how keenly he notices all the things going around him and in his life. He was a silent observer off stage, a soul at peace. His way of dealing with life was completely different from how a normal human would. He carried his heart on sleeve and had an aura that made everyone feel comfortable around him. He had the ability to blend in but standout at the same time. He was gonna turn 17 soon, the year this story will start taking it’s course, the year of all the happenings, the year that was beginning of the storm! He was a gemini, 31st may to be exact. Being a popular face in school, he always expected a lot of surprises coming his way. Everyone tried to do something or the other to make his special day memorable. But he never ever saw the point of it, he was kinda negative about getting older. He took it as an year that’s never gonna come back not as the beginning of a new one. Though he kept up the smile and somehow carried himself through skipping clubs and partying around with friends, dancing as if there’s no tomorrow. That birthday had something different, he was outside club OXY taking care of his drunk bestfriend, standing by as he vomited in the bin. He was replying to all the birthday wishes on his phone when he looked up to see if his friend is done embarrassing him and there she was again! Walking by with groceries in hand, wearing the simplest clothes and hair tied up, he gasped and asked Jay; Do you know her? I guess she is from our school. Jay replied, a**hole stop checking out girls and help me get into the car. Yeah, Right! Why do you drink so much if you can’t hold it in?
Hey, it was your birthday man, are you gonna help me or should I start throwing up again? To that he just helped him get inside the car and drove off. The rare-mirror still had her blur image when he noticed, she turned! But then it was Jay who needed serious attention at this moment. Jay was his brother from another mother, the one friend who he actually was emotionally attached to. He always said when asked about how many friends he has; I’ve got a lot of contacts but friends, no I guess I ain’t that lucky enough! 🙂
Ohh, I haven’t revealed the name yet, our main character goes by the name Sameer Bakshi. Popularly known as Sam.
A boy who always lived in the moment….


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