Attention: Narcissists Galore, folks. 

Hope I got your attention with that title. Come on. I did. Hehe.

Alright mate. Jokes apart. Isn’t it as real as it could get? Narcissism is real. True. Alive.

We think that Narcissists are peeps like dictators and autocratic rulers who have no regard for people. Or people from the entertainment industry. Think. The Kardashians. Of course.

But ahem ahem. Think again. Open your eyes. What about the people around you? Or you? Yourself?

Look at Instagram for example. Originally, it was an app for proper photo sharing. Like pro photos and all. Like. Flickr. Just a lot more easier.

But now? Selfies, not with friends but of oneself, and yup. DSLR photos of course. Oh man. What is all this? Self obsession. Or, in other, more vile terms, narcissism. Ooh. Well.

Snapchat!? Feeds our ego. Like Twitter does to Donald Trump. Somewhat.
So congratulations folks. We all be such narcissists. The only probable solution is reduced social media usage, which none of us can probably dream of. 

So hey guys. Welcome to the world of Donald Trump and Co. 

The reason for this post? To showcase the fact that being a narcissist is well, as real as could be.

Truth is bitter. And a little funny too sometimes. 


-Anirudh Bhagavatula

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