Back To The Future – Starring Artificial Intelligence And Mechatronics.

Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics! Both of them together are pretty much like the cast of the new ‘Back to the Future’ movie if it were ever to be remade today.

With driverless cars and self-balancing bikes being just the tip of the iceberg, the rise of these two fields in the past few years has been meteoric and there is almost absolutely no doubt that both of these together are the future of the world.

Now that, that is out there, let’s get to the why. It is actually very simple. Humans are lazy. If they can have a machine that is completely automated and also smart enough to know right from wrong, then humans would never have it any other way. With the whole argument about jobs being reduced through automation kept aside, I think that it is safe to say people are gladly and expectantly looking forward to what these branches can offer in the future.

In spite of these two being the drivers of our shuttle to the future, both of them create a somewhat clueless look when spoken about to most people. Although artificial intelligence is fairly known to a considerable section, it is still not well understood. Mechatronics fairs even worse, it is still considered to be just the simple addition of the streams of mechanical and electronics. It is important that these two branches are fed into the system in a larger manner because people have got to know the future that lies ahead. Obviously, I am not suggesting neglection of any other field, but just the basic introduction to the preparation for the future.

It is true that no one knows for sure what the future holds for us, but preparing to our best estimates is the least we can do.

-Abhijit Krishna Menon

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