Home, yet so far away,

With the beats I sway,

In a futile attempt to drown my loneliness,

Struggling to grasp all the new ness,

Too much to take in all at once

The rhythm may distract and make me dance

But I never stop wishing for you to be by my side

To take the load off my mind

It’d make things so much more easier

And these hot days so much more breezier.


We’d roam around the city,

Walking down alleys and boulevards,

Aimlessly swinging above our heads those fake rubber swords,

Pretending to have the best time of our lives

While secretly fearing the time when we have to part

And back we fall into the pit of darkness piercing in like a dart,

Stuck in the same mundane living for years together,

The spirit of life wearing off whilst we are tied with a tether.


Coming back to my sluggish reality

Enough of cribbing I totally agree,

Let’s put some happy vibes into this verse

Let me check for some money in my purse

Ah! There’s enough for a chocolate sundae at Edy’s

Till the time you come to see me, I guess this should bring me peace

The ringing of my phone pulled me out of my day dream,

And about I went with my daily routine.


Sukriti Tiwari

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