the naked truth

I wonder why some people are still living a life they never meant to.

It’s hard to understand but isn’t it obvious to question the truth sometimes!

I know that its hard to be yourself when you are lost, its something like ripping your heart off and watching yourself go crazy.

Why do people even try to find solace in things that can bring no peace to them.

My curious mind is still trying to find those dark corners free from guilt.


There are times when we consciously walk in a maze pretending not to know.

The walk down the thorns, the thirst for blood, the rivers of green tinted notes and my forever empty mind.

To the same old times when I had people who swore to be by my side, to the times I knew I could do something if not everything.

It all sounds so sane only when I dream of turning the world to something I never knew.

Why did it all change! Why did it have to.

Wasn’t it supposed to be my way!

I was told everything happens for a reason. And I’m still nowhere near in finding the reason.

The reason of my existence. The reason why only I had to lose everything.

The reason why I was the black sheep. The reason why I was born as me!

Maybe its just in my head.

I needed to just accept the truth. How could it even be.

Sometimes you just need to go with it, to see the what the other side holds for you.


And yet again I’m convinced to be on the same roads.

The roads to nowhere.

The path that I had left miles before I even knew about myself.

Now I smile everyday through those unrecognisable faces, to the weary old ones who have gathered their wisdom of life.

I smile through the darkest corners of my heart that has now seen some light, through the wet corners of eyes that now look so bright.

And now since it feels just about right, I believe everything will be alright.



What's your point of view?

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