I woke up to your sound.

Searching for you around,

I ended up with this picture of ours.

It was the summer of our 20’s.

It gave me the rusty feeling with the fear that I have everyday.

It was different back then.

I was the nerd and you were my romeo.

We used to be miles apart in almost everything.

Still, we clicked.

The sun rising at the back,

The hidden smile tripping from the corner of your lip,

Your mysterious gaze with no certainty,

It seemed it wasn’t him.

Sometimes it’s not your fault.

Sometimes it ain’t anybody’s, it’s just the situation and the consequences that we face.

You holding me not by my waist, but my hair, that you once used to love.

Your soft touches, turning to blisters.

The sound of breaking and shattering of those pots.

Where did we go wrong!

Sometimes, I still look up to you everyday.

Maybe, I will stop cursing myself for not wanting what I wanted.

Somewhere I still think, I am stronger than you.

But then your hands, put me down.

Honestly, there’s nothing much left in me to break.

The pieces of me, has already washed away from the shore.

Sometimes, we all need to fall out of love ,

to understand how beautiful being yourself is.

You get to write letters.

The mud puddles now wait for you jump rather than walking past.

The thrashing thunderbolts are no more scary.

You need to fall in love,

With who you are.

With your life.

With your soul.

And with Yourself.

Stop blaming others for the decisions they took for you.

You could have stopped them.

Stop blaming the people for being the mute spectator to the violence.

They already have much to deal with.

Stop blaming him for having changed so much.

You did not try to be the same either.

Stop punishing yourself for the sake of some paper encrypted bond.

You are entitled to live your own life.

Stop living with the fear of dying. It just one life, why so serious.

Be brave enough to be your own voice.

You came alone, you will be leaving alone.

                                                                                                                PARVEEN SULTANA

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