Hey Pressure.

The cooker whistled, and the food came out cooked,

But the chef boiled over, due to the pressure that he took.

To talk of this word is nothing but an almighty myth, 
Or so do our bosses and professors say, 
To make us fall into our shifts,
And to not dare question this ‘myth’.

Pressure brings out the best in you, they say.
But ever wonder how it feels to think,
When we’re free for a day?

It feels as if the skies have opened, our thoughts on overdrive,
But rest, my friend,as it is nothing but another despondent way,
On that opaque climb to the Utopian day.

Alas, all we’re stuck with, are assignments, papers,
And projects which test the already tried and tested,
And not something really new.

So yes, after suffering through this much,

Oh Pressure, we deserve Something New.

-Anirudh Bhagavatula

Image: shutterstock.com

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