Everything’s Momentary (Chap-1)

He was on stage reading the bible in front of the whole school. Morning assembly it was, a daily affair. What’s different was him on stage for the very first time. Nervous, he started reading the first line. Head down, lips touching mic, sweat dripping down his forehead and eyes closed. There was pin drop silence and he peeked, just to make sure he ain’t doing anything wrong! What he saw that day, changed his life forever. His lips were moving and everyone in hall had their heads down, eyes closed! Each one listening to the words he was reading. He had half a stanza left to read when he smiled and his tone changed from the nervous one to one full of confidence. The next stanza came out like he owned the stage. He felt good, he felt free. Free of the fear that always haunted him. 7 he was, but he felt like he had conquered the world. Amen he said and stood there waiting for everyone to open their eyes. Everyone opened their eyes and looked up, most of them smiling and few of his friends gesturing him that he was good.
And then suddenly a tap on his back woke him up from the beautiful feel he was in, the anchor was asking for mic. As he stepped aside, he felt something weird. Handing over mic to the anchor felt heavy, as if someone’s taking away something very precious to him. He wanted to be on stage, just for the sake of being there. After that day, he got a few more chances to be part of the assembly and he was getting better. He was gaining confidence and his speech delivery was dancing with timing. Students loved listening any part he had in assemblies or any school event. Cute little 7 year old boy was growing up not only by age but also evolving into a ball of confidence and wit. Taking note of his talent and will to learn, teachers gave him his first shot at anchoring in an Annual Graduation Event. Owning the stage that night, at the age of just 11, he chose his way towards success! His performance was phenomenal.
His “My Passion” essay was now filled up of how he’s planning to become an anchor. Time was flying by, he was 16 now. Anchoring a lot of events for his school and a few other institutions, he became a popular face. Nothing else made him more happy than being on stage! Making crowd laugh on his subtle one liners and bringing a cute smile on their face by being witty at times was his life now. Studies were running fine, so his parents never had a problem. He had a few friends but he loved being lost in the crowd rather than being with known faces. He lived in two worlds, one was off stage and the other on stage, where he was the king! It was altogether a different world for him, mic was his baton and crowd his followers, the ones he cared about and wanted to have a good time. He was living his dream when…..


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