Chatur vs Rancho – In Real Life

Once I came across an audio. It was a message from a sixth-year Engineering student to all engineering aspirants. In the message, the person talked about how hopeless studying engineering is, and how futile your hopes and efforts are, when you try to master it. The way he talked, it made engineering look like a mountain with its top lost in the clouds, like a tsunami wave with a mile high crest, an invincible fort that no one could breach, despite of their willingness or efforts.

I don’t think most of us have listened to that audio, but nevertheless; engineering students almost always pursue engineering with this mindset. There might be a slight cover up with a coat of excitement for the new and the unknown atop this, but as soon as the smallest hurdle comes across us, most of us set right back into ‘that’ mindset. We make it look like something out of Tartarus. Believe it or not, whenever we decided to skip something, or mug it up; we do the same.

3 Idiots’ is often referred to as ‘the’ movie for engineers. In many ways, all of us fit into one among the characters of the movie. All of us might think we are Rancho. But remember one thing, out of all those students of ICE in those 32 years of Viru Sahastrabuddhi; to whom did he give his pen? It was one Rancho. That is the frequency of ‘Rancho’s in the crowd of Engineers. So, sorry about popping your balloon of dreams, but you are not fit to be Rancho.

With this, another question arises. Who exactly is a ‘Rancho’? I’ll tell you what most of the engineering students think. Bunking classes, making fun of teachers, breaking rules; that is what makes you a ‘Rancho’. Deny it all you want. But it is the reality of what you think. I do not need to preach you about the positive aspects of Rancho’s behaviour, you are mature enough to figure that out on your own. You are just refusing to do so. Delaying the acceptance of your reality. Sooner or later, you’ll have to face the truth, so it’s best if you decide the time for the confrontation.

Most of us really are Raju or Farhan. We know what’s good for us, but do not have the courage to face our truth. That leaves the character we’ve made fun of for as long as we can remember. Chatur Ramalingam. It’s true that he lost to Rancho. But did you really see what he did achieve? A Million Dollar house, a Lamborghini, The position of a CEO and ‘Success’ in his life. That does pale when compared to Rancho, but to the rest of the students? He outshone them by quite a large margin.

Coming to the big question, whose identity do you think will suit you the most? I know you’ve come to ‘enjoy’ your college days, but these four years are the fulcrum that’ll determine your future. I repeat, these four years will create your future and you can’t have them back. So how can you utilize them to your best? Bragging about the no. of subjects you’ve been detained in? Laughing off teachers on their faces? Barely making to the required attendance and bragging about it? If that’s what you’re going to do in these four years, I doubt a truth seer orb could see the future more clearly for you.

To be a Rancho, you’ll need that thirst to learn, to create. If you have that, you won’t need to read this crap. But, if you’re not him, then the best way you could drive your career cart, is by being a Chatur. Absurd, right? Believe it or not, that is the most secure path you can take to your future. I do not say that it is the Good path to take. But in the real life, it’s the best one.


-Gyan Akarsh




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