This is not Your story !


“This is not your story” by Savi Sharma has no doubt hit the racks on Valentine’s day. Although being her second novel she proved she was no less than a professional.

The title of her novels never fails to impress the readers. It narrates the reality of dreamer’s lives. The language was lucid and the climax a painful truth. The narration was gripping, honest and spell bound. Showcasing different emotions throughout the reading experience she gave her readers a breathtaking experience. Those who dream to achieve faces many obstacles and the novel scores in picturing it. Savi seems to have hinted her own dream through Shaurya’s character. Savi has given exact colors to the characters.

Plot summary : The novel revolves around three characters. Shaurya, an aspiring film maker, forced by his father into CA. He couldn’t pursue his dreams because of his father. Second Anubhav, who has everything in life a supporting family and an idea for a startup, but ends up in fate’s hands,  Third Miraya, dreams of becoming an interior designer shattered by love. What life holds for them? Did they taste success forms Save’s second outing?

Some of the reviews include ::

“ It is a must read for Savi’s fans and aspiring talents. The narration was gripping with lucid language. Goosebumps guaranteed. ”

“Savi stunned the publishing world.” – DNA

“Savi Sharma has taken the literary world by storm.” – India Today

“A runaway success.” – The Hindu

“Savi Sharma is a publishing phenomenon.” – Femina

“Savi Sharma is a Relentless Storyteller.” – New Indian Express

“This story is not only a driving story encrypted with life’s important lessons and intellect, but is highly entrancing yet heart-touching. The book is highly recommended to each and every one, who is looking for a way to believe in their dreams.” – Times of India

Critic rating between 3.7 to 4.5, the book came out with flying colours giving her more hope towards the career she has chosen. Do have a read! XD

  • Sai Pranavi

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