Broken Hearts No More!

 Right from the winter we started

Image result for long distanceThrough to the fires, you caused in my heart,

From the innocent hand holding,

Even through the painful goodbyes.

Related imageNow that I can’t see you so often,

Broken was my heart then,

 Or is it broken now?

Broken no more my heart says,

Every time it sees your pretty face.

The sunshine that comes along,

Bringing with it a heavy bag.Image result for heart of hand through sunshine

A bag my heart begs to lighten,

Afraid and curious all at once,

Broken hearts can be fixed, broken minds not so much.


All I know is I love you more than ever,

Image result for long distanceWith every passing second.

Loving you is like breathing, people have said.

But you’re the reason to want to continue they forgot.


Little by little, we grow older,

Little by little, we go further,

With the future ahead of us,

Our broken hearts fixed each other.Image result for old couple holding hands



Abhijit Krishna Menon

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