Justice League trailer decoded!

Warner Bros released the official trailer of their upcoming DC comic movie Justice League on 25th march 2017. The trailer very much created a hype among the fans but it still had got mixed reviews.

It’s true that Warner Bros is not on steady path when it comes to these movies as the previous movies such as Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad etc. has kind of received a repercussion from the critics so fans do not want to higher their expectations on this one.

But we cannot not go gaga over it!

Zack Snyder yet again marked his signature in the trailer where he created somewhat dark and serious visuals and he tries to blend in the characters with that of the real world than copy it exactly the same from the comics.

The Aquaman who is played by the game of throne star Jason Momoa, in the trailer is portrayed more as a Bad ass and kind of casual than the usual royal covered in orange and green scales, who rules the ocean as described in the comics. we also catch a glimpse of his wife Mera who is played by Amber heard.

Flash played by Ezra Miller is much younger than his fellow team members in the movie kind of gives the edge to it as it kind of adds to humour which was very much needed in the Batman vs Superman movie. He is more like the Flash(Wally West and not Barry Allen) of the pre-new 52 Justice League of that of the comics where he is funny and childish.

Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot made a powerful impact in the Batman vs Superman movie, especially with her intro music and fans hope she doesn’t disappoint in the justice league! 

Cyborg played by Ray Fischer seems much more mature and mysterious than the teen titans Cyborg and is much more similar to the new 52 Cyborg. Fans can’t wait to see him in action!

Ben Affleck as usual does an amazing job in portraying Batman in his own unique way which adds more to the hype!

We also catch a glimpse of one of the three motherboxes which is being hunted by Steppenwolf (elite member of the Darkseid Army) played by Ciarán Hinds (who is also part of the Game of Thrones cast) and his army of parademons and the Justice League Unite to stop them before it’s too late!

There also has been a speculation among the fans that there might be an appearance of the Green lantern in the movie which could possibly be played by Armie Hammer as he has been casted in the movie but the role he plays has not yet been confirmed. We so hope that the rumour is true because we all deserve a better Green Lantern than the one played by Ryan Reynolds!

Also, Superman who is played by Henry Cavil has not been shown in the trailer but we all know he is going to be back, probably at the end of the movie with a grand superhero landing! But there has been a speculation that Henry Cavil may debut as the Superman with Black Regenerative Suit after getting killed by Doomsday in Batman vs Superman movie.
 And fans are also excited to see JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and there might be a small guest appearance by Jesse Eisenberg who played Lex Luthor in the Batman vs Superman movie. And of course, story would be incomplete without louis Lane who is played by Amy Adams.

After watching the trailer, we just can’t wait for November 2017 and really hope this movie blooms well in the box office!

Bhargavi Ravi

(And special thanks to Shirshendu Piplai and Shravann for their inputs!)

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