PRO HIJAB – A symbol of modern religion.



Hijab! What is it ? “The head covering worn by Muslim women.”

What’s so special about it suddenly?  It’s all about the new trend it has just set.

Equipped with the collected insight, the Nike pro team came up with this amazing idea of their new groundbreaking garment.

By providing Muslim athletes with the Nike PRO HIJAB, Nike aims to serve today’s pioneers as well as inspire even more women and girls in the region who still face barriers.

The choice of clothing must not be judged in any aspect to the field is what they wanted to establish. The differences in culture shouldn’t be a barrier for their incredible future. The mind at ease is the most important factor for any player. What’s more comforting than wearing their choices?

Nike’s most breathable fabric, the lightweight polyester and the strategically placed pores along with the soft feel gives it the most brilliant outlook. The creative features not only include optimal breathing freedom, but complete opaqueness and elastic binding also.

There are mixed responses from the public. There are those who commend Nike for taking into account their specific needs of a proportion of their customers, and then there are those who accuse them of being complicit in the subjection of women. Nevertheless, this revolution is sure to encourage new generation to pursue sports professionally.

Come on world… Break the stereotypes. GO GAME!!


-Pranavi Sai

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