Are we real?

We experience bright daylight and dark night in a row.
But what is real?
Is the Moon real or the Sun?
Is the Sand real or the Water?
Are we real??

The fact is nothing
Nothing is real.
Not the Moon or the Sun,
Nor the humans!
People have two lives,
One that they pretend live in,
Around other humans.
The other that they live in themselves.
But which one’s real?
The one that is inside,
Or the one we pretend to adopt and live.
Funny part of human life is “Pleasing”.
To get accepted,
We mortals start pleasing.
But we forget those are the same earthlings,
Trying to maintain their side of story..
We are all wearing the mask
Of realness and faking it.
But how long will this mask stay?!
Will it ever fall?
When we humans will actually,
Take control of our lives.
Break the bare denominations created by us,


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-Shreya Malhotra

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