India vs Australia-2k17!

Here’s the whole series in a nutshell. From fights to friendly smiles. Wickets to well placed boundaries. All the drama packed in one write. Read on if you missed any of the action. This series was end of the season for India and ohh my! It cannot get any better.
Just a day to go and the result isn’t out yet, both teams fighting their guts out.
Who would have thought after an embarrassing defeat in the first match, India would come back all guns blazing. Australia too have shown that they are more then capable of countering spin!

Test 1 {Pune: Feb 23-27}

Wow. Who saw this coming! As big an upset as you get in modern day Test cricket. The Aussies were a delighted bunch. Those were some intense celebration scenes out there. On a raging turner in Pune, they outbowled and outbatted India by a mile. 333 runs victory was just phenomenal. An Indian team which were undefeated for 19 matches in a row. An Indian team which toyed with all their opponents right through this home summer.
Lyon turned it a lot more than Ashwin, turned it at pace and had a lot more fizz. O’Keefe turned it lesser but it worked for him in that he was able to find all the edges. The extent to which the Aussie duo outbowled their counterparts was staggering to say the least.

Really good run for us so far. We got outplayed in this game. No two ways about it. Australia were much better. We’ve got to take it on the chin.

Kohli sighed.
If the series seemed a little predictable in the lead-up, it sure wasn’t after this game! This Indian team under Kohli hadn’t known what it was like to lose at home. So how they respond was something to keep an eye on. Off to Bangalore..

Test 2 {Bangalore: Mar 4-8}

India bowled out for 189 on day 1 of the Test Match after winning the toss and electing to bat first. That is what made headlines. Indian bowlers fought back on day 2 with a disciplined show. Australia took a lead of 87 on day 3. India were still on the back foot. But Pujara and Rahane had other ideas! They decided to own the final session on day 3 to take India to partial safety. Day 4, first session and Starc with his ferocious swing and pace picked Rahane and Nair off back-to-back balls. Hazlewood chipped in and India could only manage 187 as a lead. India though believed in themselves and Kohli and his boys ensured 188 seemed too far a cry for the Aussies. Warner got a raw deal from DRS and Shaun Marsh failed to trust himself to take a review. Umesh roared with pace and accuracy and Ashwin came back for his second spell to pick up a 6-fer and more importantly pick Jr. Marsh before tea to give India the edge. A win by 75 runs for the Indians rolling back the clock to day 1 stumps would have made seemed like a joke. But reality can be really funny and on the face at times. This was a huge win!

It was a great Test match. Certainly ebbed and flowed throughout the whole Test. It was a good one. I am proud of the way the boys competed. We were outplayed on the last day or so. The partnership between Rahane and Pujara really hurt us.

Smith sighed.
This was ripper of a test!! Tests like these keep the format alive and kicking. Not a single team had scored 300 so far in the series and the bowlers have ruled the roost so far. But who’s complaining? All hail Test cricket.

Test 3 {Ranchi: Mar 16-20}

The surprises life throws at us. This Ranchi pitch was the greatest hoax since 1966, when Paul McCartney was rumoured to be replaced by a look-alike in the Beatles. The last day started with India needing eight wickets, and going by the other night, when Jadeja carved monsters out of the rough,thought of Australia drawing the game bordered on ridiculously. How well Australia batted! Battling through a history of implosions in the sub-continent, with world’s two top bowlers running in at you, Australia managed to survive! A draw meant the last was gonna be the decider.
Jadeja narrowly missed out being the first Indian player to score a fifty and claim a five-for in each innings of a Test match. Match defined by grit, just like Test matches are meant to be. Smith scored another hundred against India, and put winning the toss to good use. Jadeja’s 5/124 kept Australia to 451, braving Maxwell’s perception-transmogrifying maiden century, and little did anyone know that India will take a 150-odd run lead. Marsh and Handscomb camped, and sailed Australia through to a draw.

Guys just wanted to push their mental and physical limits, that’s why we ended up in winning position. Credit to Australia that they played out a draw.

Kohli was proud though injured.

Test 4 {Dharamsala: 25-29}

It’s just day 3 and India already has a target of 87 to win. Dharamsala being the most beautiful ground has been beautiful for India! This series belongs to India if nothing funny happens tomorrow. You never know, it’s Cricket!
Is there a final twist? Or a few more? Too greedy of me to ask for? History doesn’t deny it though. I leave you to bask in all the maniac madness.


There was the fallout from the DRS drama, where in a self-described “brain fade”, Steven Smith looked to Australia’s dressing room for advice on whether to ask for a review while batting. Virat Kohli claimed it was not the first time in the match the Australians had done so.

The Pune pitch was rated “poor” by the ICC, and Bengaluru was “below average”. There were claims that Kohli would be allowed to choose which Ranchi surface would be used, though the curator SB Singh later rubbished those suggestions.

In a childish but entertaining game of tit for tat, Kohli mocked Australia for burning their reviews only to be on the receiving end later when Glenn Maxwell made light of his shoulder injury after making a diving save on the boundary.

That’s all. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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