The Extravagantly Crafted failure of ‘TrumpCare’

Yesterday, the United States Congress sentenced Trumpcare, the new healthcare bill, effectively to a coffin, by choosing not to repeal Obamacare, the legacy that Obama was so proud about.

Well, it did not even come to a vote, and probably turned out to be a face shaming exercise for Trump instead, as the fissures with his party once again featured on the Cover page of his latest act of defiance.

The far right wing of the Republicans was most probably the reason of course. But to think about it, look at the policy drafted. As part of the bill, many bipartisan measures are included, as in the removal of the individual mandate wherein every eligible citizen is supposed to have a health insurance(do not worry, such a beneficial measure would not roll out anytime soon here in India.). That is just one of the many flaws in the failed bill. While it does have good points, the mere fact that Trump has so many wounds to heal is telling on his experiences as a president, and shackling him down.

As of now though, he only has two choices probably: making peace with the Far right Republicans, or trying to find ‘common ground’ with the Democrats, a party which he so wholeheartedly berated during election times. Ah, those days.

Ooh. So. Historic.

But now, this is going to prove an onerous experience for President Donald Trump. Gary D. Cohn, Trump’s Chief Economic Advisor also distanced himself as time wore on and the D-Day came nearer. This shows that even some officials handpicked by the President understand the repercussions of the bill, yet, the President is determinedly hell bent on forming his own pathway, which is more often than not, facepalming himself pretty vehemently.

Well, the President needs to get those glasses on, realise the stark reality and must prevent the ground shifting underneath him so that this term does not prove to be the most unproductive termin in the history of the States. Since he has no support among the Hispanics, Muslims and of course, the Asian community as a whole,which has expressed its reservations on his immigration policies. Yup. Also the fact that his party is also not behind him makes for some interesting popcorn time for us, and some rather steamy times ahead for him.

President Trump, Obama is still ahead of you in all aspects, all while being on a permanent hiatus from politics. Great, right?


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Anirudh Bhagavatula

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