Hockey, or Cricket?

All of us remember quite well when we used to study General Knowledge in our schools. “What is the national game of India?” The answer came out naturally, ‘Cricket’. But, despite our collective willingness to declare it so, the answer to this question continued to be ‘Hockey’.

We didn’t understand why it was so. The all famous, fabulous, glamorous Cricket versus the rarely seen Hockey; there wasn’t even a chance of comparison. What we did understand, was the mugged up fact that we won the Olympic Gold in Hockey for 7 consecutive games. 1928 to 1956 was our ‘Golden Age’ as we like to call it now. But it didn’t add up. That was then, now is now. So why still Hockey?

The government thought along the same lines, and five years ago, deprived Hockey of its status of the ‘National Game’ of India. No game holds that particular mantle now. But the decision caused a lot of raised eyebrows.

Why didn’t they choose Cricket? What was the driving force behind the decision? Why make the decision just after India’s victory in the Cricket World Cup?

Do you have an answer? Because these questions remain unanswered as for now, creating an unseen tug of war between Hockey and Cricket.

What's your point of view?

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