The New Generation!

​Can we have conversations?
Face to face
Rather than through texts?
Can we talk about something that matters,
Than about some celebritys’ breakup.
Can we all wonder about the universe,
That has infinite possibilities,
Than about a person
Who just might be living their life?

Can we live a life where,
Mobiles are needed than an essential for fitting in?
Can we not submit to the standards defined by someone,
And carve something on our own.

Don’t you see?
I am tired of this materialistic obsession.
Where we flaunt about what we have,
Over what we want to express.
Our feelings, thoughts are suppressed.
Because we are scared of being judged.

By the so-called millennials!
Who disappear when they are needed the most.
I want to break free from these chains of control,
And let my mind free without any insecurities.
I want to connect with my old roots,
And grow as a free spirit who can change the world.
New thoughts, New ideals,
Would be my branches.
And the smiles I bring on other people’s faces,
Would be my leaves.
Water me with your strength to change,
So, that I can connect with other intellectuals,
Without the need to impress!

I don’t just want to exist,
I want to live.

-Bhargavi Ravi

What's your point of view?

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