Why Go ‘Gokarna’ instead of Goa!

Goa! The very word brings about multiple emotions and along with it the broken dreams of every Dil Chahta Hai fan ever. Every college student has experienced at least one failed Goa trip during his/her time in college but fret not. Here is an alternative that gives you everything you wish to experience in Goa with the only change being in the name.

So here is why all of you should switch those road trip plans, a little south of Goa:-

1. Lighter on the pocket

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As good as Goa is, there is no denying the fact that post a Goa trip, a trip to a local restaurant for a month also becomes a luxury. At such a time Gokarna is the knight in shining armor with shacks and hotels available for an extremely low rate it’s the perfect student destination.

2. A changeover from all the Goan hype

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Although Goa is a great place, it has been hyped to a point from where it is only a disappointment once you get there. Keeping that in mind, an up and coming location like Gokarna is a relatively unknown place waiting to be explored.

3.Easy availability of a magical green substance

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While Goa is known for amazing alcohol parties, Gokarna is known for peace. So the question is glass or grass? Wink, wink. Going to leave it at that.

4. Food

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Amazing spread of local cuisine all around the area. Get ready to be blown away by the South Indian sea food cooked in a manner to make your mouth water for days to come.

5.Peace and Serenity

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Much unlike Goa which is overcrowded through the year, Gokarna offers a peaceful time along with your gang and gives you experiences that stay along for the years to come.

So mark your calendars, plan that trip right now.

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Abhijit Krishna Menon

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