5 steps of getting through a course you are not fond of.

Something we hear very often is that the only thing constant in life is change. This change can come in the form of a physical one or in the form of a change in perspective of a certain thing.

Quite often we see that people come into a field and then realize that this is not where they wanted to be. There are two categories to this.

One, they were forced to take up that particular course, be it engineering, B.Com or anything else, or the second where they genuinely believed that, that course was the place for them and things changed after taking it up.

Either way, it is very unlikely someone chooses to drop the course mid-way to move on to a new line. Especially because it probably takes about a couple of years to actually figure out what you want.

The following should help the one’s looking to move a tad bit away from their course post graduation.

1) Figure out what you really want to do

This is by far the most complicated as well as the most important step.

It’s fine that you think that what you are doing is not for you, but it is important to know what is. Once you’ve figured out what is the line you want to take up, working towards it becomes way easier than it would be otherwise.

If you are undecided on what you want to take up, I’d suggest you focus on your strengths and your weaknesses. Depending on those you can compare, contrast and figure out a suitable role that you would fit well into. Then you figure out the way to get to that place.

Remember that there are millions of opportunities and fields out there that you can pursue, it’s only a matter of picking the right one.

2) Keep yourself motivated

It is important to keep reminding yourself, nothing in this world is worthless and whether you believe it or not whatever you are currently doing will certainly help you in some way or the other in the role that you decide to take on.

Also once you have figured out what you want to do, keep tabs on the field of your interest. This helps because then you know what lies ahead of you, it gives you the chance to prepare yourself. Keeping yourself prepared gives you a better chance when you decide to take the leap and make the switch.

3) Take up an internship or a small time role in the field of your interest

This is tough for most people with full time courses but it is also a necessity. It is necessary because you have got to know what you are getting into. Whether you like the work you will have to do in future or is it just the subject that interests you.

While a lot of companies will be skeptical about letting someone from a course completely irrelevant come in, you’ll see a few that have openings and are welcome to help from anywhere they can get it. Target these companies and tell them your side of things.

4) Find the good things about the course that you are in right now

Sometimes the course you are in can drag over a really long time, 4 years in the case of engineering and so it is important for you to understand it will be difficult to complete a course if you hate it out and out.
Every course has it’s merits, speak to people who are genuinely interested in the course you have taken up, understand from them as to why they do what they do. Draw inspiration from any source that you can find.

Once you hate what you are doing a little lesser, it will be much simpler to get done with it quicker.

5) Speak to people close to you

Here comes the tricky part.

A lot of people aren’t comfortable with accepting in front of people that they are close to that they are working towards a switch in the line of study.

Mostly because of the questions that they are bombarded with soon after.

But my suggestion remains that, work your way through those questions and make the person understand your view of things.

You will find that it is much simpler to get through hard times when you have someone who understands you and someone you can talk to.

Well so hopefully this helps you out. Let me know if you have any suggestions or any questions below as comments.

Abhijit Krishna Menon

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