A musical walk down the memory lane..

As I was skimming through my playlist and listening to the songs by Chain
Smokers or Flume or JB … I kind of realized these songs are so different from
the songs I used to listen to as a teenager.
So, I thought to myself why not take a walk down the memory lane?
Hey. If you haven’t heard any of the song, why don’t you give it a chance?
I am no music expert but I have been praised on my taste in
music. Here’s a list of 20.. or i guess more 😛 Songs of the past still making the today blissful!

1. The Reason by Hoobastank
This Song was released around the year 2000 but I heard it for the
first time when I was in Eight Grade which would be around the year
2007-2008. This was the ‘it’ song among the teenagers. Especially
when valentine’s day was around the corner!
To be honest I haven’t heard much songs from the band but this
song will always remain engraved in my memory.

2. Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira
This song realized around the year 2005 and it took the world by storm.
We all knew who Shakira was and every girl wanted to dance like her.
This song was literally everywhere! Parties, Dandiya nights, Weddings
where it was slightly remixed (Ohh God WHY??).
Shakira has come a long way since then but she is still young and perfect as ever!
To be honest, every girl must have thought or at least tried to go
belly dancing classes because of this song!

3. Girlfriend, Complicated and Skater Boy by Avril Lavigne
These three songs of Avril Lavigne made every girl feel like a rebel,
selfish and spoilt. It was a must played in all girls’ birthday parties or
sleepovers! Everybody wanted to be like Avril Lavigne. Get streaks in
either pink or blue colors, have a punk rock look, try skateboarding and all.
She was the ultimate punk princess for us and nobody could hold it
against her for this title either!

4. Replay by Iyaz
To be honest if anyone would play this song today, I would immediately
ask them to stop playing it because this song is a trap! Once you hear it,
you can’t take it off your mind. It would be on a loop for the whole day
and its very irritating if you have this song stuck in your mind while
writing an exam! Haha.

5. Greenday/Linkin Park
I don’t think I will justify these bands if I choose a particular song that
might be better than the others. These two bands will be an all-time
favorite and they have helped everyone through the moody stages that
were faced as a teenager.
Play their songs again and I can sing them word to word without any
mistakes!! Because these songs will always be valued and mean a lot
more than just music 🙂

6. Disney Stars
Remember the Old Disney stars and bands like Hannah Montana aka
Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Hilary Duff, High School Musical, Selena
Gomez…? Well many people would be ashamed to admit it but these
stars were part of my Walkman playlist and I never hesitated to dance or
sing along to their songs! These stars were our idols and their songs were our jams!

7. Akon
Akons’ Lonely, Right now , Smack that, I wanna love you… had, have and will have
a permanent place in my playlist. His songs were such a hype that people
never hesitated to play it anywhere even though nobody knew what
they actually meant. Akon has this magical, unique voice that I don’t
think anyone in this music industry does. That’s what makes him so
unforgettable .

8. Black Eyes Peas.
The ultimate pop group who had numerous hits of party songs that were
featured in the Billboard. Even though they used to auto tune and other
effects to make their music, these people led the revolution to
the rise of EDM !
Songs like ‘I gotta feeling’, ‘Pump it’, ‘Boom Boom Pow’ ! are still the
best tunes to dance in a party!

9. Britney Spears
The princess of pop with her songs like ‘Oops…I did it again’ and ‘Hit me
baby one more time’ dominated the world. I mean who didn’t like
Britney spears in the 2000s? Even though she had gone through a lot of
problems in her personal life, her songs always made its way to the top
charts! She will always be our Princess!

10. Umbrella and Please don’t stop the music by Rihanna
The titles of these songs say it all. This is where Rihanna started her
career and those days her look was different and she was more of a new
girl in town of the industry but she always made hit songs.
Especially these two. Ririiiiii !!.. :*

11. Beyoncé
Beyoncé is a goddess. There is no other way to describe her. Even in the
2000s when she had left Destinys’ child to make her own career in the
industry, she took those years by a storm with utter confidence and won
peoples’ hearts all over the world!
With songs like- Single ladies, If I were a boy, Hip Hop star, Halo and more..
Beyoncés’ music was soulful and it touched our hearts immediately. It
wouldn’t have been perfect without Beyoncé!

12. Hey there Delilah by Plain White
All guys will admit that this song kind of raised the bar for a boyfriend.
We don’t know who Delilah is or if their relationship lasted or if her
boyfriend made it big and came to New York to be with her!
This song gave a feeling of hope and warm love. This song is
irreplaceable and one of its kind. There is no way anyone could hate this

13. Chasing Cars by Snow Petrol
This song always stopped time for me. I always imagine myself lying flat
on the grass and looking at a sky full of stars, lost in thoughts that I
knew would never happen in reality, while listening this song. This song would
give you that three-minute escape from your reality to a place where
you long to be!

14. 99 Problems
If you don’t know this song, then you didn’t make the cut! Though not
much people can sing it straight with right lyrics but the chorus was
known to everyone. The beat of this song and the way Jay Z rapped,
will make you enraged and justify the reasons why you hate someone
and its completely okay to do so!
This song also makes your problems less problematic. (I guess?)
Hit me!

15. Down by Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne
‘Baby are you down, down, down, down….’
This song always made it to a Birthday party or even Annual days!
This song will always be my jam!

16. Fire burning on the dance floor by Sean Kingston
Dance till you drop? Till you start a fire?!..
Enough said.

17. Do you know?,  Can you hear me?, Hero By Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias will always be my first crush and he was much hotter
and cuter before the JB and the One Directions were
introduced in this world. I think he will always be!
His songs, his beautiful voice, his handsome face. *sighs*

18. No Surprise by Daughtry
If you were emo as a teenager or a rock fan, then this song would have
definitely been in your playlist. This song talks about betrayal and
disappointments and was the best to listen to when you didn’t have a
good day in school.

19. Crazy Frog
I think no one knew what or who Crazy Frog was but if you had the song
in your playlist or kept it as your mobile ringtone, you were considered
cool. This song gave every teen an ultimate excuse to dance like an idiot
without any one judging you for it. Hehe.

20. Eminem
I saved the best for the last. If you didn’t have Eminem songs in that
walkman of yours as a kid then, what were you doing with your life?
The rap god had released pretty sick tracks those days like Not Afraid, Superman, Lose yourself, Stan and more…
He always rapped from his heart and that’s what made it so unique!
Eminem kind of made that Era Awesome!
All hail the rap god!

Hope you enjoyed and are downloading the ones you never heard of.

Disclaimer- All the songs or artist mentioned above are the writers’ personal
opinions which are not meant to be taken seriously and are only for
entertainment purpose. In no way meant to disrespect or undermine any
artist or songs that were released in the early 2000s. All songs belong to their
respective owners.

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-Bhargavi Ravi

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