Why buy a SmartWatch ?

While smart phones have become common place devices, with your local street hawker and the swanky aunty next door, both enjoying its benefits. Not many are aware of the technology smart watches work on! Sleek, stylish and doggone handy, here are reasons why a wrist near you might enjoy wearing a smartwatch.

What is it?

A smart watch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that goes beyond time keeping. While early models can perform calculations, translations, and basic game – playing. Recent models are effectively “Wearable Computers”.

Why buy it?

  1. Answer phone calls and text messages with a swipe across the tiny LCD display of your ‘Watch Phones’. Models with full mobile phone capabilities and a nano sim slot are out too! You can connect your phone to any of the smartwatches with the latest version of Android Wear, even when they’re miles apart. If your smartwatch is connected to WiFi while your phone is connected to WiFi or a cellular network, you can send messages and access email on your smartwatch.

  2. With the car packed and your crew buckled up, get turn-by-turn directions (as long as your phone is in the car with you). Play back all sorts of digital media, like audio tracks or radio streamed to Bluetooth headphones. No need to look down to your screen when you have it all on your wrist!

  3. Some smart watches are made specifically for athletic purposes, letting you track your lap times, distance and route. They work tandem with accessories such as heart rate monitor or cadence sensor.

  4. Use voice search: Ask a question or text a friend hands-free, all while buying movie tickets or waiting in the checkout line. Send hand drawn emojis!

  5. Get alerts about breaking news and weather, great for making sure your travel plans don’t hit any unexpected roadblocks. Be aware of the latest happening and stay updated!

  6. Download various apps to help you in day to day life. Shop, Book a Flight or Cabs on the go.

Although, these are only some of the functions current smart watches provide, gadget enthusiasts are looking forward to more such exciting ones in the future. A whole new world is open to explore! Have an idea of what more can be added in the watch?
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-Sukriti Tiwary

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