Your lips touch my ear and you whisper..

Deeper than the eyes I have ever seen,
Filthier than the heat I have ever felt,
With your touch so soft,
Your smell so sweet,
Your passion to drive me crazy.
A man so transparent,
Every stroke so tender,
I get lost in your sensuous haze.
How could I not love someone so beautiful,
With you every moment seems so grateful.
I love you for the person you are,
For all the things you could never tell me but your eyes did.

I’ll be always be there,
Not by your side, but with you.
Fall and see me holding you up,
Rise and see me encouraging you more.
Turn back and see me showing you the way,.
Keep walking with me.It’s a long way.

And on some nights there are these dreams I see,
Dancing in rhythms of your love.
You gently tease me from afar,
With the lips you bite,
And run as soon as I wake up to my senses.

Until you catch me by my hips and twirl me around,
Your hands still entwined as you breath warm on my neck,
I shut my eyes and my heart skips a beat,
Your lips touch my ear and you whisper in ecstasy!
Breathing in and staring at me,
Finally our lips meet, the tongues entangle.
Our hands hold firm as you push me to bed,
The toxins of love are in the air,
The ecstasy of heat is in our soul.
I open my lids and you are an inch away,
What happens next is all a dream,
That I wish to never wake up from..

-Parveen Sultana

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