Testing Times

The life of a cricketer is no less than a roundabout. They travel round the world to play the same game again and again. Coming to what the cricket teams have been doing these days. The recent test match of India vs Australia wasn’t nearly a good show.
Toss won by Australia ,they decided to bat. The full swing of the batsmen led the score to a full 260. Ashwin and Yadav managed to get in a few wickets. The batting totally misfired with a score of only 105 for India. O’keefe rocked it with 6 wickets in hand.

The second inning was an active one for Smith. Australia managed a score of 285 putting them in a safe place. Once again Ashwin gulped in 4 wickets. More or less the pitch did not favour us Indians which left us with a 107 score. Australia stole the match with a difference of 333 runs giving us a SOUR loss. O’keefe again ruled it taking 6 wickets and of course was the “player of the match”.

Since , the sun sets to rise the next day , the next match will surely come to hopefully swing the scores the other way. It’s the homeground cricketers.. do your best. Till then.. Lets keep it cool !!

Hope for best in the next test. Bangalore!

– Sai Pranavi

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