Make way Men. It’s Equality time!

It’s not very long since now when a couple used to keep on producing babies to have a boy in family. On most of the occasions a girl was killed in mother’s womb.
Now the time is changing rapidly, it’s all because of “Redefining Gender Inclusion”. Now it’s very common to see couples happy with a girl in family. It’s true development and achievement of people to recognize the human values and to stop division on the basis of gender.

It all happened because of the superlative performance and achievements of women in various fields which were considered specialized only for men. Unlike early time now equal opportunities and facilities are provided at home to a girl and boy for growth and perform better in life. Results are positive and encouraging. Parents are allowing daughters to choose a career of their choice. The role of woman is no more limited within house but is now touching new horizons and beyond.

Although the women are working in different fields but they do have the sense of responsibility towards their family too. This very character of woman makes them unique. At present women are mentally very strong and ready to face all challenges of life. Starting from Academics to Competitions, Business to Services, Sports to Research, women have proved their capability emphatically. There are fields now where service of a woman is preferred over the man. At present we have a long list of women who are serving at top levels of various organisations and are role models for youngsters to learn!
In field like Information Technology, Banking, Technology and Teaching, Research, ladies are given preference as they are more capable to concentrate for several hours and give better results.
In a list chiseled by a power packed jury, Forbes recently released a ranking of
“The 100 most powerful women in the world”.
The list acknowledges the inroads women are making in the business world despite a few downs. It includes four incredibly talented Indian women who command tremendous respect and authority right now and are among the most powerful women on the planet!
They are:

  1. Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chair of SBI bank, Ranked 25 th on the list.
    Arundhati Bhattacharya joined the State Bank of India as a 21-year- old intern and today leads the prestigious bank!
  2. Chanda kochhar, MD and CEO of ICICI Bank.
    Ranked 40 th on the list, Chanda Kochhar Chief executive of ICICI bank Ltd.
    Largest private sector bank, is currently spearheading the Banks’ push into retail lending.
  3. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman and MD of Biocon.
    The self made Kiran Mazumdar Shaw has transformed a small industrial enzymes company into Indias’ largest publicly traded Biopharmaceutical company.
  4. Shobhana Bhartia, Chairperson and Editorial Director of Hindustan Times Media.
    Ranked no. 93 Shobhana Bhartia makes her debut on the Forbes list with her impressive work as the chairperson of Hindustan Times Media.

Having reached the pinnacle in traditionally male dominated bastions of business in India. These women are making waves with their achievements. With their talent and access to robust financial resources, they are powerful enough to impact their organizations and the economy in a big way. The significant power they wield derives from a combination of influence and authority. Gender equality and empowerment of women as well as active participation of women in political, economic, social and cultural life should be promoted more and in order to further improve the conditions we need to understand left situations and find answers soon.

‘Cause women are taking over. Make way men! It’s equality time!

Tanisha Gupta.

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